Best At Beauty Enhancement

B.A.B.E. Day Spa Studio

B.A.B.E. Day Spa Studio is an ECO-Friendly and unique day spa that will help each client with their beauty concerns.  K.C is a license professional with her extensive knowledge and experience in services that she provides. K.C is certified in all her services that she provides and takes her services a step further by having electrical facial tables that have extra soft and thick padding to add a more relaxing experience.  Electric facial tables are great for clients that have neck, back, hip or leg problems. 

*Client Health History Forms:  

Client Health History Analysis Form: Not everyone is a candidate for treatments, facials, eyelash & eyebrow, waxing or permanent makeup services. Client Health History Analysis Form is to help us understand what your goals are for younger, clearer and healthier looking skin, what service is best to help improve your skin, is there any contradictions that may cause reverse affects or to make sure that a client does not have any allergies to products or treatments. Client Health History Analysis Form are not included for any in store services. You can fill out you forms online for free. 


PDF Filler App is required to fill out forms with cell phones or tablets.

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